Greetings! My name is

David Nepožitek

and Computer Science is my passion!

About me

Hi, I’m David Nepožitek - software developer currently studying computer science at the Charles University in Prague. Programming and problem solving is my passion, I do it all the time, at school, at work and in my spare time as well, of course :) I always try to broaden my knowledge as much as possible, so I hunt for interesting stuff on the Internet but also attend various talks and conferences. I’m currently improving my skills in C# and PHP and one of my recent goals is to get to the bottom of neural networks and AI.

When I've got a spare minute or two, I enjoy running, playing badminton and all sports in general. If interested, feel free to decode some of my other hobbies from the blue background above.

And it wouldn’t be a proper developer’s website without a bunch of funny buzzwords, technologies, tools, programming languages etc., so here it is: C#, PHP, Javascript, Java, Shell, SQL, Nette, Doctrine, Gulp, HTML, CSS, Less, Git, Docker

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